All In One Type Mushroom Climate Control Machine

All In One Type Mushroom Climate Control Machine:

        The machine consists of refrigeration compressor, condenser, evaporator, drying filter, gas-liquid separator, expansion valve, fresh air fan, air filter, centrifugal fan, control system and other major components.

1) The working principle of the mushroom climate control machine:

The refrigerant R22/R410A is compressed by the compressor, and is changed from a low-temperature low-pressure gas to a high-temperature high-pressure gas. The high-temperature high-pressure gas is cooled by exchange heat with the cooling water in the condenser, and becomes a normal-temperature high-pressure liquid. After the portion of the normal-temperature high-pressure liquid is filtered and dried by the filter, The gas is expanded into the expansion valve through the solenoid valve, so that the gas and liquid mixture at normal temperature and high pressure becomes a refrigerant saturated liquid of low temperature and low pressure, and the process is completed by utilizing the principle of gas expansion to absorb heat. Finally, the low temperature and low pressure refrigerant saturated liquid exchanges heat with the surrounding medium in the evaporator, so that the heat medium is cooled to become a cold medium, and the refrigerant saturated liquid itself becomes a low temperature and low pressure gas, which enters the compressor for compression, thereby forming a cycle.

2) Fresh air system: The fresh air is first filtered through the high efficient filter - mixing with the air in the mushroom room in the return air box - cooling by the evaporator - sent to the indoor air duct by the centrifugal fan, soft and natural fresh air is distributed to the mushroom house every corner.

3) Introduction to the advantages of the mushroom climate control machine:

a. The operation is simple and safe. The only wire control voltage that is in contact with the mushroom room is 24V, and there is no fire safety hazard.

b. The air supply is uniform, and the uniform PE film air duct is used for air supply. The temperature difference between the mushroom houses is ±0.5 °C, creating a balanced growth environment throughout the mushroom room.

c. The fresh air is purified by the junior efficient filter and pre-cooled (heat), which will not cause irritation to the mushrooms.

d. The return air filter function makes the bacteria package not easy to be contaminated.

e. Control system with CO2, humidity, temperature, illuminance, and internal circulation.

f. With automatic detection of faults, reducing repair time.

g. The integral structure, the indoor unit, the outdoor unit, the control system, and the fresh air system are integrated, and only need to be connected with the power source and the air duct. The whole machine is 100% tested in the factory, and the quality is better and more reliable.

4) Introduction to the performance of the mushroom climate control machine:

a. The unit is a completely independent integrated unit, which is assembled and tested by the factory assembly line.

b. Frame structure: made of steel, each part is pre-treated with zinc phosphate and then sprayed with polyester powder; the components and pipelines of the unit are equipped with reinforced support and hoisting sheet metal.

c. refrigeration unit features:

Ø The design is novel and beautiful, the structure is light and reasonable, and easy for installation;

Ø Brand compresor, large cooling capacity, outstanding reliability, and can work continuously for a long time;

Ø High-pressure centrifugal air-proof fan is adopted, which has long air supply distance and low power consumption;

Ø Simple system structure, accurate and reliable control.

d. Full-hermetic series compressor: It adopts high efficiency and environmentally friendly scroll compressor with high efficiency and low noise; small volume and light weight; stable operation and long compressor life.

e. CO2 centralized control system through the air sampler to sample the room air to the outdoor dry filter for detection, not only avoids the problem of CO2 sensor in the high humidity environment easily damaged, and multiple rooms use a CO2 sensor turning detection greatly saves customers' costs. (optional accessory)

 f. evaporator: using corrosion resistance hydrophilic aluminum fin fins

g. throttling device: throttling element / key valve parts using foreign famous brand expansion valve

h. Kingfit energy-saving system (total energy saving can reach more than 20%)


        The overall design evaporator return air inlet is about 0.8M away from the bottom of the reservoir. The air inlet is at the top of the mushroom room. There is no short circuit between the air inlet and the return air (for example, the return air outlet is 13.5 degrees and the air outlet is 8 degrees). The short-circuit phenomenon occurs when the wind turbine of the split machine enters and exits the wind (for example, the outlet air temperature is 7 degrees, the return air is 8 degrees, and the outlet is about 13.5 degrees when it is about 0.8M). The overall machine cooling effect and air supply uniformity are higher than that of the split machine, and the cooling efficiency of the same type compressor can be increased by more than 20%.

 The monolithic structure makes the connecting copper pipes of the two devices very short, which reduces the cooling loss and the waste of the compressor power.

 There are two compressors in the machine. The main reason is to filter the different growth periods of the mushroom. The required cooling capacity is different. Therefore, most of the time, only one compressor is started. In addition, when one compressor fails, the other can maintaining work will not affect production.

i. electronic control part

The “KF” mushroom climate control system independently developed by KINGFIT has the control functions of CO2, humidity, temperature, illuminance and internal circulation. It consists of electrical components such as microcomputer controller, AC contactor, air switch and over current protection relay. The temperature control of the compressor can be used to control the start and stop of the compressor, and the defrosting can be controlled regularly. The protection devices include: leakage protection, overload protection, overpressure, reverse phase protection, refrigerant abnormal protection, compressor over temperature protection, and ultra high pressure safety valve. Protection, oil pressure protection, water shortage protection, etc.

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