Split Type Mushroom Climate Control Machine

Split type- outdoor unit:

1. Fully enclosed scroll compressor unit, running more stable;

2. The main engine and chiller are complete in model, air-cooled/water-cooled;

3. Each warehouse is individually equipped with a set or parallel refrigeration system to ensure that production is not affected;

4. No need for manual adjustment, automatic constant temperature operation, temperature control device precise temperature control;

5. Box-type structure, beautiful appearance, quick installation, can be used when connecting refrigeration pipelines;

6. Automatically detect faults;

7. The indoor fan micro-circulation function creates a balanced growth environment for the mushroom house.


Special type indoor unit:

1. The outer casing is spray-coated, corrosion-resistant and beautiful in appearance;

2. The coils are arranged in a staggered manner, and the heat transfer effect is high. The aluminum fins are sleeved on the copper tubes through the mechanical expansion tube;

3. The product is factory wiring, all wiring is placed in a junction box for easy installation and maintenance;

4. The drain joint is provided at the lowest point in the center of the drain pan, and the drainage is reliable;

5. Trough hanger, easy to install;

6. U-shaped tubular stainless steel tube and magnesia electric heating tube are placed in the coil, and the defrost effect is good.

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