Central Control Air Handling Unit for Button Mushroom

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Multifunctional Air Handling Unit for White Button Mushroom


1. The unit will control growing room temperature, humidity, light, and CO2 level.

2. The temperature and humidity sensor uses a wet and dry bulb thermometer for air conditioning enthalpy laboratories. The temperature test deviation is less than 0.1°C, and the humidity test deviation is less than 2%.

3. The unit adopts double coil with four pipe control design. The cold and hot water can be operated independently, which can meet the dehumidification function before cooling, heating and mushroom harvesting in multiple mushroom houses in the transitional season.

4. The main fan adopts variable frequency fan, the air volume adjustment range is 10%~100%, and the mushroom chamber has been in a breeze circulation state to maintain uniform temperature, humidity and CO2 level in all angles in the mushroom chamber.

5. The fresh air valve and return valve are all using proportional actuators. The adjustment range is from 0 to 100%. The damper can be adjusted steplessly according to the CO2 level.

6. The fresh air inlet adopts the early effect + medium effect bag filter to effectively prevent the outside air from infecting the mushroom house.

7. The unit comes with a filter differential pressure alarm and automatically prompts the customer to clean or replace the filter.

8. Hot and cold water can be proportional electric valve, according to the temperature PID adjustment.

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