Direct Cooling Oil-free Magnetic Bearing Chiller

Kingfit introduced the sixth generation of anodizing direct-cooled variable frequency magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller, which is mainly used to solve traditional centrifuges, screw machines and piston machines, during the anodizing process, the rectifier has large fluctuations, low temperature accuracy, high operating costs, and high maintenance costs, high noise, poor uniformity of oxide film, etc., Kingfit sixth-generation anodizing industry custom-designed special features:


Magnetic bearing technology: compared with fuel injection screw compressors, all mechanical parts without any contact friction, no lubrication system, completely solve the screw unit return problems, significantly increase the reliability of the unit, greatly reducing maintenance costs.


Variable frequency drive: compressor speed 48000rpm, 10% to 100% variable frequency stepless adjustment, to ensure the unit's high overall energy efficiency, the unit under a different load of the load part of the load to optimize the operation and control, to achieve a wide range of precise temperature control, to overcome the partial load Centrifugal compressor surge problem, starting current is only 2A, reducing the impact on the grid and improve the uniformity of the oxide film.


High-efficiency and energy-saving: The refrigeration system runs without oil, without thermal resistance of the heat exchanger oil film, which can increase the heat exchange efficiency by 15%. The R134a environment-friendly refrigerant with ODP of 0 has a 100% energy efficiency COP of up to 8.3 and a partial load efficiency of IPLV up to 13, the most The IPLV efficiency is as high as 20.166 under the optimum operating conditions. It is used in all regions of the world where the anodized national standard aluminum profiles use electricity at 50KWH/ton, and the hard anodizing pot is 0.38KWH/pc.


Low noise: The magnetic levitation compressor operates without friction, has no reciprocating impact movement, low vibration, low noise, 6-10 dBA lower than the conventional capacity unit, and has no vibration effect on the surrounding buildings.


Remote Control: Kingit independently develops a remote control system, as long as you log in the official website of Kingfit official website and remotely manage your refrigeration system equipment in 24 hours; the machine runs hidden danger remote alarm and remote transmission of fault alarm to fully solve your worries. The exclusive steward of the refrigeration system.

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