High Efficiency Flooded Screw Style Chiller

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Direct Cooling High Efficiency Flooded Type Screw Style Chiller

Efficient Configuration:

Equipped with Kingfit patent high efficient flooded corrosive resistant evaporator and heat change tube.

Accurate regulation the loading between 10-100%.

PLC programmed controller, 7 inch color touch screen, imported brand device.

PID feed forward self-adaption control program.


Flooded evaporator, no matter what working conditions the unit is in, the evaporation area can be fully used. It can maintain high efficiency with lower installed capital cost, it is also easy for cleaning.

Space saving, liquid directly cooling by evaporator. NO need heat exchanger, cooling water pump and water tank. Electric consumption is less than 90Kw/Ton for oxidation GB aluminum material and with 0.59Kw/pcs hard oxidation pot.

Cooling capacity stepless automatic adjustment; The cooling water pump frequency conversion control, adjust the unit load faster. Liquid tanks temperature is more stable; Automatically adapt to the different seasonal changes of cooling requirements.

A unique refrigeration cycle process, the bath temperature control 0.5℃, to ensure the balance of the color and quality of the products.

Intelligent control, connected to the network for remote control.

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