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We are engaged in offering a wide range of Water Cooled Screw Chiller – 150KW to 2300KW (40TON to 650TON)

Single Compressor, which is manufactured using quality screw compressor from Bitzer (Germany) and Comer (Italy). These are offered with multiple screw compressors in one machine but have separate and individual refrigeration circuits. Fabricated in ISO certified manufacturing unit with an option of using CFC free refrigerants R134a.  

Suitable for process cooling applications from (+) 20°c up to (-) 20°c and for lower temperatures of up to (-) 50°c please refer brine chillers.


The evaporator adopts flooded design which has the advantages of small volume, low noise, low maintenance cost and easy cleaning.

The evaporator tube adopts our patented externally threaded tube. The COP is up to 5.3, and the operating electricity cost is 27% less than conventional dry type chiller.

Customized industrial chiller, designed for 365 days of refrigeration throughout the year. The thickness of the heat exchange copper tube is more than 15% thicker than the commercial chiller, and the heat exchange area is increased by more than 20%;

Industry grade PLC control with annual climate simulation test makes sure the chiller’s refrigerant is safe and high efficient throughout a year., which can avoid the safety risks caused by the failure of the commercial machine to start in winter.

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